We are Creafilm.

Hey, we are Creafilm London.

We are photographers and filmmakers from the Aegean. 

Creafilm is a visual communication design studio specialising on photography and video production.

Hospitality, gastronomy, event visuals and commercial films.

We work across the fields of food photography, architectural photography and film production.

Together with a wide range of collaborators, Creafilm creates timeless visuals rich with emotional resonance.

"Photography is Poetry"

Horace said that a picture was a poem without words. In todays world, a photograph is a poem without words. Because I guess in the past, the only ‘pictures’ they had were poems.

“Photography” means painting with light.

So I guess that as photographers and filmmakers, we are just modern-day painters. Except we have different tools at our disposal.

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

The Process

01. Connect

01. Connect

A good brief is key to succes, so do not hesitate to reach us and give a call or mail us your story.

Share your story
02. Conceptualize

02. Conceptualize

Let our creative teams start working for you. After our small interview we create your visual world. We share some sample visuals.

Develop Your Vision
03. Create

03. Create

We start creating your visual world. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Bring it to life